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Publicado el Miércoles 14 de noviembre de 2012 | Autor: Lidón
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Nuestros viscosímetros han sido publicados recientemente en la revista argentina CATLAB.

La tirada de esta revista es de 11.000 ejemplares anuales,  distribuidos entre los laboratorios del país.

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PITTURE E VERNICI – European Coatings

Publicado el Jueves 12 de abril de 2012 | Autor: Lidón
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Instrument is based on the traditional Krebs method: a constant unique speed (200 rpm) and a unique rotating spindle (standard Krebs-type spindle). Microprocessor converts automatically measurement that is displayed continuously in the selected unit: KU, g o cP. The VK 2000 allows user to choose between 2 different operational methods, manual and automatic. If the manual mode is selected, user can choose any kind of container to perform measurements. In Manual Mode, Up an Down keys move spindle to the required position. Press start and stop to begin with rotation and measurement and to stop rotation of motor.

Automatic Mode allows to select and modify through keyboard 2 selectable parameters, SampleWaiting Time -SWT- (time in which spindle remains immersed in sample before rotation begins) and SampleMeasureingTime -SMT- (rotation time of the spindle immersed in sample). Instrument displays continuously viscosity readings.

Instrument base, provided with a protective metal sheet easy to clean, allows user to measure viscosity with different kind of containers (manual mode).

Myr Krebs viscosimeter VK2000 is used to measure viscosity in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and pastes both production process and laboratory quality control.

Fascicle Setember-October 2011 (Page 107)